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Out of all the surface offerings, I like the surface laptop the most. Lets speculate on what the second generation will offer.Will it simply be a CPU refresh? I would like to see a thunderbolt or USB-C port. Will the 4gb ram version be dropped?

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  1. Daishi

    Honestly, I would hope for a more extensive redesign. Put simply, I think the Pixelbook was everything the Surface Laptop should have been.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I love Surface Laptop. Honestly, if they just replaced/augmented the Surface Connect port with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 and upgraded the processor to the 8th gen chips, I'd be happy.

    I think they keep the 4GB option so they can compete effectively with MacBook Air.

    • Max Leibman

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      I agree with that latter point--I have the 8 GB version, and I could surely get buy on 4 if I wasn't running VMWare with some frequency (in fact, that's how I know I could otherwise get by with 4 GB--I frequently tie up half my ram with a virtual machine doing something in the background). And the price point of the "budget" configuration is pretty compelling, especially when it goes on sale.

    • KingNerdTheThird

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      If Microsoft switches to USB-C, I hope we can get more than one USB port (and this goes for Surface Pro as well). For the longest time one USB port was fine for me, but recently it's become more of a problem.

    • shameermulji

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      The MBA comes standard with 8GB RAM. Personally, I think all premium laptops should come standard with 16GB RAM at this point but I'll settle for 8GB RAM. 4GB RAM, forget it. That's some serious penny pinching.

  3. Max Leibman

    I'm hoping to use my first-generation Surface Laptop for years to come (I like it better than any PC or Mac I've ever owned). But if I were in the market for a new machine, the three things I would like to see are

    1) New colors--I love the red, gold, and blue ones (I have the blue), but I would love to see a refreshed palette.

    2) Quad-core processors--as I mentioned in another comment, I am using virtual machines more often than ever, and I bump my head on the processor ceiling more often than I do on ram.

    3) Ports--I second Paul's comment. Though I'd also just be happy if the USB port on the power brick became an extra port to the laptop itself, rather than just an auxiliary port for charging other devices.

  4. Bdsrev

    the Surface Laptop has been my daily driver since launch (I pre ordered it) and there's only 1 real issue with it: Microsoft chose a really dumb resolution for the display. They would have been better off going with 1350 x 900 and keeping the system scaling at 100%, having system scalings like 125%, 150%, 175% etc. is not good, especially for a premium product! The Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Studio were all designed for pixel perfect 200% scaling and they are far better than the Surface Laptop for that reason. Display resolution aside, the computer is pretty much perfect, I don't want or need anything faster and the battery life is good

  5. harmjr

    I think it should be upgrade-able. The repair-ability of this device scares me off. Hard Drive and memory should be replaceable. I love my SP4 alcantara keyboard so I know how durable it is. As well as a USB type C for data and charging on both sides of the device with at least 1 USB type 3.