Surface Phone


The link below shows a patent of what could maybe be the Surface Phone. With the last couple MSFT hardware announcements a patent was released 3 months before the respective product hit the market. I believe Mary Jo and Paul have said if there is Surface Phone it would be in 2018. But with recent history could this patent release mean the Surface Phone is 3 months out?

I know I should be looking at getting a Pixel, but this could be a neat phone.

What are some of your thoughts?

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  1. harmjr

    Good find. That would be an Intresting device. Listening to all the pod cast some where I think I remember they have talked about this devices' rumors.

  2. Wolf

    This patent is already old news, and the video is 8 years old. How does this lead to your conclusion that the new device could be out in 3 months?

  3. jimchamplin

    Class AAA Vaporware. There. Is. No. Surface Phone.

  4. skane2600

    I don't believe in a Surface Phone either as a real product or as a concept.

  5. TechnologyTemperance

    Years and years ago, people talked about the cost of switching from PC to Mac (or Mac to PC). This was back in the day when you can troves of purchased, OS specific software. The "cost" of switching was prohibitive. Fast forward to the last five years, where much is done on the web, and Office 365 is cross platform, the "basics" in switching isn't so arduous.

    But that's the problem with phones, is the ecosystem lock-in. Many apps are free, some aren't. And lets face it, a Surface phone would be missing a ton of them. And you'll have to buy them again for the ones that are available. Then there is the data xfer of all your photos, movies, etc. Your just not going to get "mass" quantities of users to ditch and iPhone or Android that works fine for them (text/photos/phone calls) to take that "lift" and get something else. And will carriers push it? Doubtful.

    MSFT knows this. That's why anything "mobile" they put out is going to be niche. And that's OK. There could be something Point-of-Sale/Business type devices where that could fit. Maybe healthcare, etc. Ultra mobile computing for insurance claims adjusters or police officers who spend their days in the car.

    But MSFT winning at phones isn't going to happen. The ship sailed. They were the Amiga this round.

  6. Jules Wombat

    Oh F$$, there really is, and never was, any Surface Phone. Its sad that so many are still deluded into believing any such device.

  7. Tiny

    The patent was filed on October 16, 2014

  8. Vuppe

    Don't worry. The Surface Phone is coming. It's always coming, but never here.