Surface Pro 3


While on business trip last week, while I was using my SP3 right after waking up and packing for a return flight. After a little while, I noticed that the light on the power cord was not lit – it WAS lit when I picked it up. I figured that something went wrong with the power brick.

I didn’t think much about it as the battery was @ 100% and I was packing to catch a flight. I used the SP3 on the plane to connect to Southwest Wifi to watch TV and ran battery down. When I got home, I plugged the SP3 into another power adapter (I have two, one in my travel bag) and sadly the light didn’t light. I tried the various things that were recommended online such as making sure the slot is clear and trying the adapter in both directions.

The SP3 has operated flawlessly for 3 1/2 years and showed no symptoms of imminent death!

I have since ran to the MS store to see what the options are! my extended MS warranty expired in January 2017 and the SP3 IS 3 1/2 years old. I was hoping that they would say battery replacement would be $200 but they only offered a replacement for $595. While that is cheaper than the new Specter X360 I was configuring, it is also 2 generations old and not what I was looking for.

so – I thought I would throw out a few questions here to see if there are better options than a landfill:

Are ideas on how to resurrect the dead SP3?

are there diagnosis and repair options I should consider?

I would like to restore it to working order to have a backup when I do upgrade.

Thanks for any insights!


PS – weird. I edited this thread and had bullets that disappeared…

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