Surface Pro 4 core m3


Anyone have first hand usage on this device? I am thinking of buying one for my wife to replace her Surface 3, which she complains about the slowness of often.

Main usage for her is web related and occasionally working with Word.

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  1. 880510

    I use it. really like it. I have plenty of machines to compare (currently have android lenova yoga book, new ipad, 32 gig HP beast, and the surface pro 4 m3, plus several serviceable machines collecting dust). But for that use case, definitely works, and works well.

    My wife has the surface book, and surface pro 4 i5 - so I have a lot to compare with.

    I use it for web browsing, casual photo editing (adobe subscriber), and consumption (cbs all access, hulu, Netflix, vudu)

    My brother (non-techie) has one, loved enough to buy another when he dropped his old one and shattered screen.

    Full disclosure, work for msft, but opinions are my own. consider myself equal opportunity consumer. :)

    I do avoid using anything that takes up tons of memory (looking at you chrome).