Surface Pro 5 Frequent BoD


I picked up a surface pro 5 a few months ago from a microsoft store. I loved it. Probably the best laptop I’ve ever owned.

But in the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been getting ever more frequent BoD’s. Sometimes just minutes apart. Then it will go a day without any problems. But definitely at least one a day. Worst was five in one day.

No warning – things all of a sudden slow down and then – WHAM. No mini dumps are created. Just sits at 0% collecting data and then boots into the UFCI. Exception is almost always the same – UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION. Everything is set up correctly to create dumps but nothing is created. All updates applied.

I haven’t yet reset the machine but I probably will this weekend to see if this fixes things.

Anyone else having these problems? Searching the web results in some hits but no effective resolution other than taking the machine back for an exchange.

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