Surface Pro 7 Hardware Faults After 5 Weeks And Inability to Get Anything But Another Faulty Replacement


I purchased a Surface Pro 7 Core i7 last August on the Microsoft Store but after just 5 weeks it started throttling the CPU which became so severe it was running at just 0.4GHz (even reading 0GHz on occasion in Task Manager!) and I couldn’t even participate in a video call over teams as the whole thing was grinding to a halt (aside from the loud fan noise make it hard for people to hear me too) and the whole thing was almost to hot to touch.

I was offered a refund but was then told a mistake had been made and I could only have a like for like replacement and was assured this was a very uncommon hardware defect. It took over 6 hours dealing with support people to sort this out across a few days.

The replacement came last November but it has followed exactly the same trajectory and after 5 weeks it began to experience the same slowdown and it has run as low as 0.4GHz too although not as often.

The problem is a hardware issue and Throttlestop diagnoses this as BD PROSHOT which basically just means the whole device is too hot so it goes into a kind of panic mode where it cuts the CPU power down so low you can’t use the device. It throttles all the time but the amount varies.

Microsoft will only offer me yet another replacement but I can’t see this making any difference (only in the short term perhaps).

I would accept just about any other device at this point as just need something that works so have requested a refund, Microsoft Store Credit, a Surface Pro X even but they have refused everything but giving me another identical Pro 7.

I’m hoping perhaps Paul or other Microsoft-related people might see this as I cannot justify/afford to buy another device and I have been very disappointed with the device and level of support I have received and it has made the past few months very frustrating trying to work from home on this thing.

Now with just a few browser tabs, Outlook and an FTP upload going the fan is blasting out and it is running around 0.9GHz.

I really regret buying such an expensive high-end device at well over £2,000 (after adding dock, keyboard, pen) where I can barely type emails in Outlook or use screensharing whilst in a Teams call and I have been suffering with this device now since shortly after purchase and wasted hours pointlessly following instructions to format/reinstall etc. My older Surface Pro 4 was much much faster.

Running VMs or anything else I planned to do with this device (and could do happily on the Pro 4 are out of the question).

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