Surface Pro (first gen)


Anyone know what is the largest SD card this device will support? Also, if I ever decide to go this route, does the new Microsoft doc work with the first gen pro or not? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t… This thing still works great for what its use case is, and I see no reason to replace it. Its the 64GB model with 4GB of ram and I have the power type cover for it. Have had it since it first came out.

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  1. wunderbar

    the current generation surface dock will not work with the original Surface Pro, as the dock connects with USB-C.

    A quick google search tells me the Surface Pro 1's MicroSD port is takes MicroSDXC cards, which means that in theory any currently available card should work. But I have no way of testing this personally.

  2. hastin

    I still use my first gen Pro (bought release day) - still kicking just fine. I have a 1TB card in mine.

    New dock doesn't work with a first gen. AKAIK, there was no formal dock for the first gen since it's just a single USB port, a Mini DisplayPort, and the 5 pin magnetic charger connector.

  3. lwetzel

    I have an original with a swelled battery. Meant to take it to the local store to recycle. Never did and now it is gone. I also have an original dock.

  4. JH_Radio

    Awesome, thanks so much for your help, guys!

  5. JH_Radio

    So the original dock will work with the first gen Pro? Can you actually get these anywhere or are you looking to part with it or what.

  6. MacLiam

    Just to be clear about docks, the original Surface Pro could be used with a clamp-on dock that held the screen upright while the attached keyboard lay folded open in front of it; I believe this dock also works for the Pro 2. There was a revised similar dock for the Surface Pro 3, which dumped the pogo contacts of the 1 and 2 for the new two-sided blade connector. I believe the Pro 3 Dock works for any subsequent Surface Pro, though a spacer may be required for more recent generations as they got thinner; I use a 5G Pro in a Surface 3 Dock. Either brick-style dock (but preferably the Dock 2 for its better power and design improvements) should work with any Pro that is 3G or above, as well as Laptops and Books.

    Used Surface Docks for the Original Pro are sometimes available online.

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