Surface Pro for Web Development



I’m guessing there are about 83 of these threads, but I couldn’t find a single one of them.

I’ve forever had my feet dipping in the Windows ecosystem for various reasons. But I’ve started a job doing Angular / Node development (primarily, there will be other languages as well). I’ve been given an HP laptop for work purposes (they are predominantly on the MS backend). However, I’m not enamored with its trackpad / buttons (I have to use a mouse to get any serious work done.)

I want to purchase a personal laptop to replace my aging MacBook Pro 13″. I’m curious if there are any other web developers out there using a Surface Pro.

I’ve scoured the web (ok, at least a few searches) and have found a few things, but most of them are pretty old.

I’m curious if anyone is using a Surface Pro for development. I don’t do a lot of IDE based stuff. My primary workflow involves:

  • Docker (a small compose cluster of a few containers)
  • terminal
  • VS Code
  • browser testing
  • MS Office (for client docs)
  • typical “internet-y” things like email, web, etc

I can’t see any reasons that a decent Surface Pro wouldn’t work, but the only thing I hear locally when I ask about the Surface line (from my peers) is that it’s a flaminag dumpster fire. I have a feeling this is a bit of an exxageration.

I’m also considering the XPS 13 and a few of the other decent 2-in-1’s, but I REALLY like the form factor of the Surface Pro.

Money isn’t a *huge* factor, I could even go up to the i7 8GB RAM configuration if needed; but I’m kinda hoping someone has the i5/8GB and can tell me it’s perfectly fine if you’re not running too heavy (maybe a code editor and a small Docker cluster–app/db/cache).




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