Surface Pro power supply leakage


This summer while using my surface pro 4 I noticed that when it was plugged in to the supplied power supply and I was wearing shorts, I received a small tingle from the body of the device and where it touched my leg.

This morning I measured it 2-3 volts ac @ 50 hz(i am in the UK [email protected]z) sitting on the sofa. I tested it with a fluke 87 with a crocodile clipped to the stand and the probe point, pushed into my leg. Then I moved to the kitchen and got 50 volts standing on the tiled floor. I then connected direct to earth and got 50-60 volts again.

The device and supply will be two years old at Christmas but is in perfect condition, living on the shelf next to the sofa.

Now is this normal?

Do any of you with the knowledge and know how have the same thing happening?

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