Surface Pro X – Super happy with everything


I have bought the Surface Pro X 256/16GB, understanding in advance its capabilities and limitations. I am super happy with it. It is fast and reliable. The new stylus is wonderful. Writing on it is a better experience than the iPad Pro. The keyboard is OK and does its job. More or less like previous Surface keyboards. The missing fingerprint reader is a mystery.

This is a computer that just performs. It is super quick to start and log in (Windows Hello is a couple of seconds). I know that I cannot run x64 software (yet) but software compiled for ARM64 works like a charm, e.g. the new Edge and Firefox browsers. It is a machine for Office and Web apps, and I mainly use it for work.

The reviews have been mixed, and one of the recurring complaints is that is has no headphone jack. I really don’t understand that sentiment. Why would I want to be tethered to a mobile device it is intended to be? BT devices work fine, and the world has moved on from cabled headphones.

Do you have a Surface Pro X? What’s your opinion?

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