Things I would like to see in the a new Surface Pro

  1. Release date in 2018
  2. Intel 8th Gen CPU’s
  3. USB C Port with optional charging
  4. Updated Intel Iris graphics

Things I would like to see but I know won’t happen

  1. i5 model with 16GB RAM
  2. Use screws instead of glue to put the machine together
  3. User replaceable battery and drive
  4. USB C Port with Thunderbolt
  5. Base i5 model sold as a complete package with keyboard
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12 responses to “Things I would like to see in the a new Surface Pro”

  1. jwpear

    Nice list! Absolutely second the screws and user-replaceable battery.

    I'd add:

    1. Continue Connect port support for legacy Surface Dock users (while adding USB-C/TB3).
    2. i7 model with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

    As far as battery, battery report shows that my SP3 still has 96 percent of its capacity with 687 cycles. If this can be trusted, it seems that MS did use some high quality batteries. That somewhat negates argument for user-serviceable.

  2. jimchamplin

    AND MY AXE!!!

  3. StevenLayton

    I’m optimistic. High specs. Low cost.

  4. Daishi

    While it's not technically part of the Surface Pro, I'd hope that if they do put Thunderbolt 3 in it (either through the standard model or using Paul's updated Surface connector) that they would also release a Performance Dock with a built in GPU, say a GTX 1050/60 like the Book's keyboards, that can turn any Surface into a capable graphic machine.

  5. wright_is

    The problems with screws and replaceable batteries is that the device will be thicker and probably heavier.

    The screws need more space around the edge of the device, where no electronics or battery is, so the housing will need to compensate for that.

    The battery would need to be a standard shape and couldn't be "smeared" all over the insides of the machine, meaning the device would be thicker and the weight distribution not as good.

    I agree, having some form of maintainability on the devices would be good, but it is not possible, when keeping the device as small as possible. You have to make a compromise.

    My Spectre X360 is screwed together, but it is a lot thicker than newer models.

    • simont

      In reply to wright_is:

      Honestly, if it was slightly thicker and heavier so as to have some type of user replaceable battery, I would accept that. Which is why I am looking at the X1 Tablet.

      Paul - any chance you could review the X1 Tablet 3rd Gen?

  6. harmjr

    I wont buy another surface until they make the battery and SSD replaceable again.

    Also I am hoping for a clone that will have your #s 3 and 4 plus a USB C charging port on either side of the case.

    I know pipe dream here.

  7. jchampeau

    How is it you know next-gen Surface devices won't include Thunderbolt 3?

  8. bbold

    Main thing I want to see in a new Surface Pro...

    Headphone jack on the bottom of device, not on the top (when attached to type cover, I mean.) Seriously, how hard is that to undertsand, MS? lol The rest is amazing. (Oh, and maybe a slot to slide in the pen and not have it hanging off device magnetically, and maybe power button relocation since many people seem to accidentally turn on their SP and drain the battery, ie. 'hot bag issue.') Thanks!

  9. bbold


    I purchased my Surface Pro 2017 from Best Buy, complete with Type Cover in the box. Special deal they had a while back for students. In fact, MS made a special box for it to hold both. This was the Core M3 version, though, and was super cheap from what I recall.