Unofficial Surface Pen any users?


Has anyone had any hands in experience with any of the Unofficial Surface pens. Am looking at a few on amazon and there going for less than half the price of an official surface pen £30 vs £70.

There is a few says there not Bluetooth, Is the official pen Bluetooth just for the button?

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  1. sandervanhuizen

    Hi there,

    I had an HP Pen for my old Surface Go (1st gen). It was nice, but the official just works a bit better. Cleaner lines etc. The Bluetooth in the official Surface Pen is just for the back button.

    The pairing of an pen is done by using it for the first time on a screen that supports N-Trig.

    Edit: with the HP pen you can't attach it at the side, because it isn't magnetic.

    - Sander

  2. andrew_graham

    Beware of active capacitive pens. They are only as good as your finger and the capacitive sensor layer has much less resolution than the N-Trig layer and tends to draw wavy lines. You need an N-Trig compatible pen to make the purchase worthwhile.