Upgrade Surface Book 2 to 1809?


Anyone upgraded a Surface Book 2 to 1809? Any problems?

I just set up a new Intel NUC8i5BEH after our seven year old family computer died. Went through a couple of iterations of Windows installs, first with 1803 and then with 1809. 1809 was easier and it recognized the Intel Wi-Fi adapter built into the NUC, which was nice. Have to admit, I like some of the refinements and the option for a dark background in File Explorer in 1809. It’s not a must have, but after using it a bit, I’m considering it on my Surface Book.

Surface Book is my daily driver, so I don’t want 1809 on it if it is terribly unstable. 1809 seems stable on the NUC, but I haven’t used enough to really get a good feel. Hoping someone in the community has installed an used it enough to form an opinion on stability. Has Microsoft gotten the biggest issues resolved?

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