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does anyone know about compatibility issues of USB-C docks with surface devices? At work we have Dell USB-C docks on every desk connected to monitor, mouse, keyboard and LAN. They work perfectly with Dell laptops (obviously) but also with any Lenovo and HP laptop I tried. When I connect my surface book 2, it’s just dead. Nothing works, the laptop continues to operate as only the internal monitor is connected. I don’t see any of the devices attached to the dock. Is this a known compatibility issue for the SB2? Is there any workaround besides using the surface dock?

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  1. lvthunder

    I think the USB-C port on the Surface Book 2 is just Display and charge. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can even plug in a USB-C external hard drive.

  2. paradyne

    I can plug my Surface Go into a LG monitor with integrated hub and it works great. 4k 60Hz display, USB data to the USB ports the monitor also has and it charges the Go at the same time.

    There do seem to be some USB docks/hubs that require Thunderbolt 3 though, but none of the Surface devices have that.

    But you should still be able to use a cheap USB C hub that has video out, power and USB ports (with a USB to ethernet adapter built in too).

  3. wunderbar

    A USB-C dock will work.

    A Thunderbolt 3 dock will not work.

  4. WarWizard

    We've successfully used Lenovo USB-C (it has a USB-A converter for connection with devices without USB-C ports) docks with SB1&2, SP3 - 6 and Surface Go.

    The thing with SB2 is, it doesn't charge via USB-C

    As @Wunderbar mentions, a Thunderbolt dock doesnt work, only a USB-C/USB-A 3.0 dock does.

  5. anoldamigauser

    This Plugable docking station indicates that it will work with Surface Book 2, and has decent reviews. I have had good luck with the Plugable UD-3900 USB 3 dock.