USB on Surface Pro power adapter


I am using the convenient USB port on the Surface Pro 7 power adapter, and I was wondering why it’s only for power and not Data as well – seems it would be useful and easy to have it as another USB-A port on the Surface! Has Microsoft ever indicated why it is only power and not data as well

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  1. rob_segal

    It's also not convenient. If it's a USB device you never remove, it could be fine. Other than that, it wouldn't be very useful.

  2. paradyne

    AFAIK the data signals on the Surface Connect port are closer to PCI Express. That's how it is able to have a dock with multiple ports and video outputs, or in the case of the Surface Book, an external GPU (the tablet part has a regular Surface Connect as the connection to the base).

    Without simple USB signals exposed on the port, you'd need a longer and thicker cable that can handle PCIe data speeds and then some more complex electronics in the PSU to provide a USB host adapter.

    So yeah, lots of cost and complexity even though it looks simple to do.

    • simard57

      thanks for the useful response. your explanation covers the technical reasons well.

      As to the usefulness comments preceding yours, I would not have asked if I did not have a use case for it.

  3. phjeong

    I honestly have no clue about what was being discussed at first. However, I am really impressed with the answers and how they made me learn more about this stuff. They're pretty amazing. I learned a lot of answers.

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