W10 Default Printer


So I am like why cant I set the default printer in Windows 10 using the new settings and not the control panel.

If you have to Google Search how to change the settings for a dam printer your settings area might be a bit complicated. So Yea I found that you have to now unchecked Let Windows manage my default printer then you can set the default printer but if you have no scroll bars how do you know you can scroll down the screen to see this dam setting.

Here is a link to Microsoft site on this.

It just seems to simple of a task to make you jump through all the hoops to set a dam default printer.

Oh yea if you work a Microsoft here is how it should be.

Go to Setting

Next go to Devices

Next go to Printers

Next select the printer you want

Finally Click Make Default button. — Yes this is not present but should be!

Now you can then insert one of you stupid advertisements on how to make windows better you can Let Windows manage my default printer…

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