What do you want to see in a Surface Book 2


Well, it’s late on a Saturday…so what do you want to see in a SB2?

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  1. 670

    1. At least one Thunderbolt 3/USB-C in the keyboard and Clipboard
    2. Smart frames (no bezel when connected to keyboard; regular bezel when in Clipboard mode)
    3. Small and thin stylus in a silo or stored in gap of hinge (N-Trig had this 4 years ago N-Trig Super Capacitor Pen)
    4. More battery in Clipboard
    5. LTE Option
    6. Fix keyboard backlight (impossible to see key lettering if not dark; uneven lighting)
  2. 5114

    Come out of sleep when I open it up or press the button

    Don't spaz out when I dock or undock you while Windows is running

    - Sincerely, a SP4 owner 

  3. 1227

    Interchangeable parts (i.e. buying the screen and power base separately as mentioned on The Sams Report). Apparently nobody at Microsoft has ever heard of Eli Whitney.

  4. 8091

    Thunderbolt 3.


  5. 4941

    1. Proper quad core i7 not the mobile one.

    2. 3 USB C & Thunderbolt 3 ports (1 for charging and 2 free) + 1 USB 3

    3. Except for replacing the charging port, the DP, and the USB ports, don't remove anything else; keep the card reader the headphone port, the escape key, and the function keys ?

  6. 8108

    • Compatibility with existing Surface Dock
    • Quad core i7, something that can actually keep up with a MacBook Pro for video processing
    • USB-C and USB 3.0 ports
    • Power management. Sleep, and stay sleeping, when the lid is closed


    Honestly I feel that my Surface Book is the best all around laptop I've ever owned, and I've owned MacBooks. My only complaints are the power management issues, and a quad core i7 MBP runs circles around the SB when editing video. 

  7. 2

    USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 for expansion, not Surface Connect.

    No tear-drop hole/gap.

    Optional non-removable screen for better reliability/Ultrabook form factor (this one will never happen).

    An external screen option that will make this thing a Surface Studio.

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      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      for the joy of discussion

      There have been a number of requests that there be a Surface Ultrabook (supposedly what MS customers were asking for?) but the market for a Windows Ultrabook seems well served by the OEMs. What is lacking in the Windows Ultrabook market that a Microsoft device would provide?

      it seems like a Surface Ultrabook would be more like direct competition (hence Paul's "this one will never happen" comment?)


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        In reply to Simard57:

        Given the problems with Surface Book attach/detach which I believe will NEVER be solved, why does the market need this product. Surface Pro is enough.

        Honestly after the Surface Studio high, I'm feeling very negative about Microsoft now. Apple is actually more forward thinking with Macbook Pro using all USB-C ports and integrating TouchID.

  8. 180

    I want a Thunderbolt/USB-C port on the tablet component of the device. A Dial that's sized more appropriately for the small screen.


    Reliability. I want to see reliability in a SB2.

  9. 2149

    Unrealistic wish: Combine the Surface Book and Surface Pro. Start with the tablet portion of the Book, and add the ability to snap on type covers as well as the keyboard base.


    2 Type C ports (Thunderbolt) and 1 "legacy" Type A

    256gb SSD for the base model

    Fingerprint reader

    Tilt-sensitive pen

    Quad-core option


  10. 10742

    1. One USB gen A in clipboard 

    2. USB Thunderbolt 3/USB C in Base + 1 USB gen A

    3. Core M fanless clipboard (for longer battery life )

    4. LTE option on clipboard 

    5. Fingerprint reader


  11. 467

    • Add a flip out kickstand to the screen just like the Surface Pro.
    • Same battery life as Surface Pro when in tablet mode.
  12. 248


    • 1 USB Type A
    • 2 or 3 USB type C (one on clipboard, one (or two) on base)
    • 1 SD card slot
    • 1 Surface connector
    • A screen texture that feels like paper (similar to Surface Hub)
    • Black keys with white lettering
    • Pen lag down to 1ms
    • Fingerprint reader
  13. 5486

    I'd say most would like;

    Something that works

    Something that's reliable

    Something that's actually been through some sort of viable QA/QC process

    Something not full of bugs

  14. 5767

    Looks like Microsoft is not into delivering quality product anymore. I doubt we'll see any improvement in the sleep/wake issues or Thunderbolt 3 for that matter. Satya Nadella has pretty much given up on hardware it seems to me. All he cares about his Office & Azure.

    Oh, and don't get me started on the forced Windows updates. That's just downright criminal at this point. Even Apple does not force security updates on macOS.

  15. 7631

    I just got my Surface Book, so I cannot really say much about what improvements I would like to see, but judging by my first impressions I would like to see the following:

    • Ability to disable the discreet graphics card / enable it on an app basis
    • Put the headphone jack lower..
    • Make the keyboard part sturdier. 
    • Fix all power management issues
    • Add a Thunderbolt 3 port but do not get rid of USB 3
  16. 5714

    Better balance.  Using the touch screen of Surface Book while on your lap causes the device to tip...precariously.  Having the user thrust their knees upward to counter the motion is awkward.  Having to move the other hand off the keyboard to brace the laptop is also awkward. 

  17. 1139

    1. Thin

    2. Light

    3. No bugs

    4. Affordable

    Basically, everything MS will not be delivering.

  18. 409

    I like to use it to write on, and I'd appreciate a better writing angle. Today, flipping the screen around then closing it leaves a very slight angle, maybe 5 degrees, I'd like it more like 10 or 15.

  19. will

    I would like to see them continue to refine what they have now:

    1) Better keyboard - The current one is very hard to read in certain lighting conditions and could be quieter

    2) Light Sensor - The current keyboard does not have a light sensor, so you have to manually turn it on or off

    3) Reduce weight - With improvements in technology reduce the weight to get it under 3lbs total

    4) Updated ports - Thunderbolt 3/USB 3.1 port

    5) Screen bounce - See what can be done to reduce or eliminate the screen bounce

    6) LTE - We have lots of people in the field and an LTE option would be nice, but I see this more on the Surface Pro side

    The last one is not a book idea, but create a Surface monitor that allows the book to dock and it be turned into a Surface Studio

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