What Does Surface Need for You to Buy In?


So, reading Beneath a Surface has gotten me very nastalgic for Windows 8/8.1.

I’m still one of the few that thinks Microsoft were actually onto something. I’m still a bit irritated it was massacred in the tech press. I agree that there were some systemic problems. But man…it was really a pretty nice first attempt at a touch-first conversion.

So, I’m sure there are many here who have and love various Surface lines. But for the rest of us, what is your major “sticking point” preventing you from pulling the trigger?


Surface Go – currently overpriced for my perceived value (may not be actually true)

Surface Pro – probably the most likely to be useful for me, concern about reliability

Surface Laptop – kinda going out of my “laptop phase”, also alcantara

Surface Book – see “laptop phase” above, but otherwise this would probably be the winner

Surface Studio – currently overpriced for my perceived value, but tempted to get for my wife

I consider myself a good “target” customer for Surface as a premium brand. I honestly don’t mind paying “overpriced” margins for a product I love (or am at least confident in). But I’m just not quite there yet with Surface.

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