what gives, HP always connected PC out of stock



I am getting worried since no reviwers seem to have got a review unit.

What is your take?

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  1. skane2600

    A message from the Universe that you shouldn't buy one?

    Also: https://mspoweruser.com/snapdragon-powered-hp-envy-x2-delayed/

    • stevenlack

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      *Eyes twitch*

      • skane2600

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        (I don't get why some full URLs won't post here while others do)

        • stevenlack

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          Thanks for this :)

          That is weird the full URL isn't showing. Could be to do with Spam protection of sorts.

          That's interesting it was pushed back, I wonder what caused it. In any case, the price is way too high, but hopefully future generations of the device are cheaper.

          • skane2600

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            I had to omit the opening "https colon slash slash" otherwise after clicking "Post Comment" it would just display "Posting .." indefinitely. I couldn't even put the string in quotes within this comment :)

  2. Jason Liao

    I am fine with it being delayed for 2 weeks. But I am puzzled to see it out of stock. It seems HP does not even want people to pre-order it.

  3. jimchamplin

    Maybe they realized that they priced it roughly $300 too high.