why I believe Andromeda is important and needed


Lots of talk and debate about the Andromeda device lately, particularly about the dual screen aspect of the device, but I don’t think having 2 screens is all that important at all. Sure, it’s cool and new and it opens some new possibilities, but that’s not why I’m so eager for the device. Here’s why I badly want to see Andromeda announced: the chips in the newest high-end smartphones are so fast/powerful that it’s a shame and a waste that they are confined to a smartphone. The vast majority of iPhone users do not need an A11 for what they are doing. The right thing for customers would be to allow them to use their super powerful and expensive smartphones to power tablets and laptops/desktop monitors, which would save them a significant amount of money (and other advantages). Obviously Apple will never do this, and I can’t see Google doing this with Android/Chrome OS (because how on earth would that work? A Chrome OS powered phone? Would it dual-boot? They just wouldn’t do this). Having a phone that runs ACTUAL Windows, capable of running win32 programs when plugged into a display, that is not a niche device, that has mass appeal. That actually could be disruptive. Soon, Windows 10 will run well on ARM, and later next year ARM Windows devices could run even better than Intel powered devices because of TSMC’s process lead. This is a huge opportunity and only Microsoft is capable of shipping a device like this right now, and I think Microsoft is the only company that wants to do this (Apple REALLY does not want to do this). Give us Andromeda with a Snapdragon 845 and leave Apple looking boring and old fashioned!

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