will the next LTE Surface Pro use an Intel modem?


I was really surprised to learn that the LTE Surface Pro uses a Qualcomm modem, you would think Microsoft would want to use an Intel modem in it, does anyone know why it doesn’t? Do you think the next LTE Surface Pro will use an Intel modem?

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  1. rameshthanikodi

    I'm not sure what it is with Intel's LTE modems, but I have never seen it actually ship in any device...not even one. Every single Windows device with LTE uses Qualcomm's LTE modem. The next LTE Surface Pro is actually even more likely to use a Qualcomm modem because i'm sure Microsoft is very interested in making the next Surface LTE into more like an "Always Connected" PC, and those "Always Connected" devices are 100% Qualcomm. We've already seen this happen with AMD; The AMD-Qualcomm partnership to make Always Connected PCs is basically what might happen with the next Surface LTE, except with Intel processors.

    But since Apple is interested in sticking it to Qualcomm, Intel might get their LTE modem into iPhones.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      Intel modems are in the iPhones on AT&T and TMobile. That's one of Qualcomm's lawsuits is that Apple slowed the Verizon (Qualcomm) modems down to match the performance of the Intel modems.