MS needs a media spokesman to appear on CNN etc to clear up ransomware FUD


From what I’ve seen, the mainstream TV coverage of the ransomware attacks has been poor. CNN barely covers it, and the experts they feature are too vague. The best they can say is “update your software,” and rarely discuss what Microsoft has done, what versions of Windows are affected, and how users should run Windows Update. HLN (sister station of CNN) actually had a salesman for an AV company say “you should update your antivirus” and never mentioned Windows at all!

Clearly Microsoft needs a media spokesman to appear on a few prominent news programs/networks, and clearly explain (1) Microsoft released patches for supported Windows versions in March; (2) that Win10 is immune, Vista through Win8.1 users need to run Windows Update and enable auto-updates, and XP users need to download a patch — and stop using XP! (3) show how to do this on-screen. to illustrate how simple it is.

Clearly these cyberattacks are not going away. Microsoft needs to be pro-active and inform the public.

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