A lot of Outlook spam lately?


What is it with all this spam in Outlook in the past couple weeks?

I used to get like 4 or 5 a day. But now I’m getting like 50 a day. And it seems to be getting worse everyday.

They all in my junk folder, once in a while I do get non junk in my junk folder, so I have to check it.

It seems like blocking isn’t helping.

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  1. PhilipVasta

    I've also noticed a couple spam messages lately, whereas before I never got any.

  2. wright_is

    I haven't had any spam for months in Outlook.

  3. Daekar

    I haven't noticed a massive increase. I did get a few (2 or 3) unusual messages recently that I wouldn't normally, but that quickly subsided. I would be interested to hear if this continues.

  4. ins1dious

    Yep... same with my Outlook last week.

    Upwards of 30+ junk per day saying I have emails in my outbox. Damn things were being spammed faster than I could delete them.

    Seems to have died down now. Not as many as before.

  5. Lauren Glenn

    Past couple of weeks? I can't go a day over the past year or more without some email trying to enlarge a penis, sell me hookers, or some gift card from Amazon which is clearly fake. Add to the fact that I'm a woman and I wonder why people think I'd want any of these

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