Android Auto versus Cortana


True story: I bought a new car with Android Auto. On the way home from work, I told it, “Play Put it There by Paul McCartney”. Spotify did not play the song. Instead it, played some (sort of) random Paul McCartney songs with some Kanye West intermingled. (I’m not joking about Kanye). I tried the same thing at home with my Cortana Invoke speaker. It played the correct song.

Both Android Auto and Contana used Spotify but for whatever reason, the Cortana played the right song.

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  1. Daekar

    I am generally pleased with Cortana on the occasions I have to call for her.

    I think it's interesting the playing music is the killer app for these voice assistants, because I am invariably frustrated whenever I try to use one instead of just picking the music myself. The success rate of all the assistants tends to be pretty poor with my music collection, for whatever reason.

  2. wunderbar

    Have you considered that maybe it was just the microphone in the car that didn't pick it up correctly?

  3. Bats

    I just did this using Google Home with the Google Assistant (not Android Auto) and it played perfectly. I don't have a Android Auto on my car built into it. However, I used the Android Auto App on my phone, since they are the same thing, and that worked fine too. The only thing I can think of that happened to you is that there may be some noise interference involving your car.

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