Anyone got edge with vertical tabs


I have it on my old surface pro 3 . I’d rather have it on my surface pro 5 is there anyway to force it ?

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  1. mmettin

    top left of the tab bar - at least for me I can switch back and forth from horizontal to vertical.

    you might also have to enable that in settings

    • codymesh

      In reply to mmettin:

      where? can you post a screenshot?

    • wright_is

      In reply to mmettin:

      There is no option to switch back and forth. I think this is what the OP means, he has it on one machine, that he uses less often and would like to force Edge into updating to have the option on his main PC.

      I have just checked on mine, the option isn't there and Edge says it is up to date.

      The option is in Settings, under Appearance, the first option under "Customize Toolbar" is the option to switch to vertical tabs - if it has been enabled on your version of Edge. The current version (87.0.664.66) on my machine doesn't have the option.

      Edit: just checked my work PC. That is the same. At a guess, either Microsoft is doing A/B testing or the Surface Pro 3 is in the Windows / Edge Insider Programme.

  2. anoldamigauser

    Developer Version.

    When using horizontal tabs, the icon is to the left of first tab, a black box with heavy top line (I guess browser window with tabs on top?). Clicking it sets vertical tabs, the top icon is a black box with heavy left line (I guess browser with tabs on side.) Vertical tabs just show icons, but will flyout when you hover, and it can be pinned.

  3. Usman

    You can go to edge://flags to turn it on the Beta channel.

    I use a lot of web apps, having pinned vertical tabs makes it look like Opera, where browser apps are on the sidebar. That use case scenario is amazing, having key web apps always on the side bar and to just open like as if they're apps.

    It's an interesting way to look at it, that being said, muscle memory is a big hurdle. I always middle-click or right-click > 'open in a new tab' and subconsciously I am still looking up top for the newly created tab. There isn't a big enough UI hint to suggest to look at the vertical tab list.

    It does impact productivity, so I went back to horizontal top bar tabs and stopped using vertical tabs