Apple just gave the most amazing boost for Edge


“Apple recommends using the Microsoft Edge browser on a PC running Windows 10.“ from ZDnet. That is the most support for Edge outside of Microsoft itself.

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  1. curtisspendlove

    Initial guess, streaming WWDC (and other events) without a macOS or iOS device.

  2. Nomis69

    Could you provide a link? (Can't find the article.)

  3. John Scott

    I am not surprised Apple supports Edge, just as Microsoft would support Safari on Mac OS. Its generally known they respect each others native products.

  4. Patrick3D

    From the Apple WWDC 2018 website you can see the following text for recommended playback: "...or a PC using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge."

    It's the same as they have recommended since 2015, it has to due with Edge supporting the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol which Firefox and Chrome do not support. *Correction: it appears the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox may support the protocol and also have plugins that report to support the protocol.

  5. TechsUK

    It's on the Apple Events web site, link to the keynote

    www apple com /apple-events /june-2018/

  6. Tony Barrett

    Not sure this is a 'boost' or a coffin nail. Apple users tend to look down on Windows users, and Windows users tend to not use Edge anyway as their PC's are always rebooting because of another patch! The fact that even IE has more regular users than Edge says a lot really. This won't make any difference at all.

    • jrickel96

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Probably a boost, depending on how Apple touts this. Reality is most iOS users use Windows, not Mac. Apple recommending Edge on Windows is big. iOS accounts for most of the money spent on tablets and phones (yes, more Androids are sold, but at $200 a pop versus $750 for iPhone) and most iPhone users are likely to spend decent money on a laptop, PC or Mac.

      I expect future pushes are going to focus on privacy concerns. Apple and Microsoft could push hard against Google on privacy - and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a coalition of sorts between the two over privacy.

      Fact is they both could create privacy standards in their OSes. Apple could outright block Chrome in the App Store. Microsoft won't be able to block Chrome, but they could have a warning and issue standards for all web browsers for how to avoid a privacy warning. That's what I'd do - issue a privacy warning and put pressure on Google to care about it. MS could do that when implementing GPDR standards across their product line.

  7. adkelkar

    I have been using Edge since the time it came out. It was the first browser supporting Reading View. I also use Opera (for VPN) and Firefox. I have no complaints against Edge expect some Websites don't behave well with it. I simply switch to Firefox for those sites. I like the text rendering of Edge very pleasant to read. Lately I have also started using Edge on my Android Phone. I find the Ege experience consistent and useful. I plan to continue using Edge wherever it is available.

  8. Bill Russell

    They also recommend apple maps and I know that was not the best recommendation.

  9. skane2600

    Translation: Don't support Google.

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