Cortana location-based reminders not working on iOS? How about Android?


I realize there are very few people using Cortana on iOS or Android, but if there are any of you here can you let me know if location-based reminders are working? This always worked well for me on Android, but since switching to iOS a few months ago I have not had any success with location-based reminders using the Cortana app. I’ve logged this feedback with Microsoft. I have all of the appropriate location permissions granted, and I have the latest versions of iOS and the app.

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    I have been going crazy with this since moving to iPhone...

    Had an old 6 Plus as a testing device for work when WM was my primary device...Location based reminders were working on that...Moved to an iPhone X and after using everything for a while I realized my location based reminders were not working...

    Tested using my old iPhone on same iOS build and same microsoft account but tethered and found it was working on that device.

    On my iPhone X i tried the usual, logout, uninstall, restart, etc... all same issues.

    Then decided to try a new MS account on that device...what do you know it started working.

    Go back to my MS Account, problem returned.

    Tested restoring the iPhone 6 plus backup to another device, that worked on that device...

    Tested restoring my iPhone X backup to that same device, sure enough it was broken...

    Seems to be a combination of something with my MS account and this device config/settings.

    It has been driving me nuts because I use the feature all the time, or used to ;-)

    I may go as far to wipe the entire iPhone X and start from scratch just to get this back, sound crazy, but I am a bit nutz ;-)

    I had a co-worker with an iPhone X test Cortana and location based reminders, works for them...

    Let me know if you still have issues, be curious if trying a temp MS account works for you too.

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    A little more than a year since I wrote this post (which was a few weeks after I switched from Android back to iOS) and now I can't remember the last time I used Cortana. I just gradually found myself using Siri more and more to create reminders on my phone; then came an Apple Watch; then came AirPods; and now I find myself looking at used iPads-- I guess this is how people fall down the Apple hole. I just don't have a role for Cortana anymore. I still love my Surface, but I only use it a few hours a week at most. My work computer is Windows 8 and lacks both Cortana and my personal MSA, so there's no connection there. Siri doesn't wow me in any way, but 90% of my usage is setting reminders; 5% is asking for a weather forecast; 5% is setting a timer. It does fine on those three things. Oh well.

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    Still waiting for Cortana to be even released on Android or iOS over here. :-(

    At this stage, I'm pretty much betting that Cortana for Mobile is going to go the way of the Band, Zune etc. and never actually get an international debut, before it is declared an international failure and canned.

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