Good time to upgrade Windows?


October is upon us and Windows 10 1809 is near complete.

I know 1809 is not finalized for release but is it in a state that we can install and make it a daily driver?

I am thinking to get into Windows Insider, get 1809 and when Paul’s magic window hits, I get out of the Insiders Program.

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  1. wright_is

    If there is no "must have" feature that you can't live without for another week or two, I'd wait.

    I wouldn't put it on a daily driver / production machine. It is always possible that Microsoft will bring out a last minute patch that causes everything to go titsup. It shouldn't happen, but it can and does on occassion.

  2. Mike Cramer

    If you're cautious enough to avoid the Insider builds so far -- whether it's out of inclination or necessity -- then you should wait for Microsoft to roll out the update to your configuration. While there are millions of Insider PC's, there's a small but certainly non-zero chance that your particular combination of hardware and software is an outlier that Microsoft will cautiously test on a few users (via telemetry) before it updates en masse.

  3. navarac

    The latest Build (17763.1) has been very stable and as things stand I wouldn't be surprised if it became the "RTM" version with maybe a Cumulative Update. Also this build will let you come out of the Insiders Program.

    I've had no problems with it but take into account what Donkey_Gas says - below - about hardware configs. I generally keep images of known good installs.

  4. NT6.1

    No. You should wait for the new LTSC version to be released.

  5. irfaanwahid

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I actually have a production machine and a Surface Pro 4. I was thinking to install it on SP4.

  6. FalseAgent

    well news just broke that build 17763 is RTM for the 1809 release, but you know, Windows 10 is never complete, and "RTM" is just another point for them to build off from - next features, bugfixes, etc.

  7. lvthunder

    Is there a reason you don't want to wait? That sounds like a lot of work to get something a couple weeks early.

  8. Dan1986ist

    At some point, Windows 10 Version 1809 will be pushed out to your specific hardware/software configuration, but if you want to get 1809 via Insider Program, go ahead.

  9. Paul Thurrott

    I feel like 1809 is ready for daily use for sure. Have been using it on all my PCs for the past month or so.

  10. jimchamplin

    Just did it on my main box. Been running it on my portables for weeks.