Instructions for Renewing Outlook Premium


Microsoft doesn’t make it easy to renew Outlook Premium so I thought I’d share a link to the information I just used to renew myself. It is apparent at this point that Microsoft is hoping to make this a war of attrition rather than just formally pulling the plug on this service.

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  1. yoshi

    I thought the plug was pulled a while ago on this.

  2. bharris

    Very helpful! When I renewed last year, I had to chat with support and give them my credit card. Support was very nice but it took so much longer than just doing it myself

  3. minke

    Why renew? I found Outlook Premium to be not worth whatever they were charging. Far better options out there for getting email from your own domain.

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to Minke:

      Laziness? I use Outlook anyway and I've already got this set up. If it was $100 then yeah I'd probably be looking for some alternative way to get mail for my custom domain (which I'd then pipe back to Outlook anyway).

  4. exmsde

    The missing piece continues to be lack of a way to obtain control over a custom domain obtained through Outlook Premium. Has Microsoft ever published a way to do this?

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to exmsde:

      Hm. I don't recall how this worked before, but I went into Premium with my own domain (which still works). Today, you can manage new domains only through GoDaddy (and only if you have Office 365). But ... Did Microsoft offer Premium customers a way to sign-up for a domain directly through them? It seems like, if so, that control would move to GoDaddy.

    • minke

      In reply to exmsde:

      That is one of the disadvantages of Premium. This is what MS says: Note: If you cancel your Premium subscription, Microsoft retains ownership of the email domain for 60 days, after which ownership passes to the domain name registrar. The registrar has the right to sell the domain.

  5. manishdev

    Sadly Microsoft is now permanently shutting it off to everyone who managed to hang on. I got a notification that as if Feb 28, 2020 they are permanently ceasing this functionality even for those who managed to find some way to keep renewing.

  6. Stoicjim

    I knew mine was ending and tried to renew before that date and the "renew" link wasn't available on Services and Subscriptions page in your Microsoft Account page UNTIL the very date it was supposed to end. On the expiration day the link showed up next to " Premium".

    Keep an eye out on the expiry day.