Microsoft replacing ‘journalists’ with AI


What could go wrong?

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4 responses to “Microsoft replacing ‘journalists’ with AI”

  1. Daishi

    Yeah... define Journalist.

    I feel like it doesn’t cover ‘person that selects stories someone else has written to appear on a webpage’.

  2. rob_segal

    Microsoft automating curating news articles on MSN shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

  3. alsorun

    I stopped reading Microsoft News because I was disgusted by its heavy feature of British Royal news. I hope AI will select more relevant news.

  4. darkgrayknight

    Not sure that curating news has been very helpful -- personalized AI might be better: though it should be more of a raw feed from multiple reporters and each person's interests are used to help the AI determine the stories that are relevant. Though if the AI becomes sentient and decides it knows what is best, we're back to the same problem that people curating the news has.