New Surface Pro 7 Throttling to 200MHz After 2 Months, Exchange Warranty Only 3 Months, History of Devices Overheating


I purchased a Surface Pro 7 to upgrade from my already replaced Surface Pro 4, which itself was getting too slow to effectively work on.

However after spending over £2,000 on the new device, dock, keyboard etc. the new device regularly throttles the processor down from about 3.5GHz to just 0.19GHz making it unusable (the last time processors were that speed was about 1996).

A Microsoft representative connected to the machine remotely and accepted my hardware was definitely faulty after finding he couldn’t even type messages into Notepad it was that slow.

He offered me a refund, replacement or advanced exchange where you basically pay for a second device and are refunded once you return the other one.

The following day after over 3.5hrs on the phone I was told that as the device was over 30 days old I could not have a refund (someone even told me I wasn’t eligible for anything).

However during conversation I was told how the new device would be under warranty for 3 months but that means in effect they are reducing my warranty because their hardware is faulty.

Given my history with Surface devices I think there is a real danger I will be left with an unusable device after the replacement fails with no recourse and the only option to spend another £2,000 to buy something reliable.

These are my experiences and as you can see reliability is on a downward trend:

  • Surface 1 (did not fail) – Often would go to sleep and wouldn’t turn back on again
  • Surface RT 2 (did not fail) – Same issue as 1
  • Surface Pro 3 (failed after under 2 years) – Power brick failed and was replaced. Very poor performance, getting very hot and shutting down randomly with thermometer icon appearing on screen requiring time to cool before it could be used again
  • Surface Pro 4 (failed after just over 1 year) – Very poor performance, battery expanding and bursting out of device, brown staining on screen, screen popping off, device very hot, was told device was a danger to life and to dispose of it
  • Second Surface Pro 4 (was starting to fail after 8 months) – Performance getting increasingly bad so replaced with a Surface Pro 7
  • Surface Pro 7 (failed in just over 2 months) – Much worse performance than any previous Surface device making device almost impossible to use, device dangerously hot, Surface Dock randomly disconnects every day and/or blurs screens whilst working and has done since day 1.

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