New Version 20h1


I thought that was coming down today ?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Panos Panay said "this month," so I assume any day this week meets that promise.

    • madthinus

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Also, I think they will offer it for download, but rollout much later. My canary is Nvidia and AMD graphics drivers. If you see new sets this week, then know the build is not far.

    • epguy40

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      this recent story from Softpedia news came out - why the Win10 may 2020 update not available on day one is a "good thing"

    • dftf

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Hi Paul. Do you know why the 2004 release doesn't ship with the new Edge preinstalled? Given it went RTD back in January, bit odd it's still a separate download... are you supposed to just leave things alone and your current Edge gets silently updated, or not? Bit confused...

  2. GT Tecolotecreek

    Just installed on my MacBook Pro via Parallels. Went smooth and no issues.

  3. DavidSlade

    I upgraded my Surface book to 20-04, using Insider Preview, and the Pluralsight offline player does not run. Pluralsight support said that Microsoft is aware of numerous bugs and I need to wait for an MS patch to fix this. I also tried the offline player on an Insider preview fast ring VM and it doesn't run. I will submit a bug report. My advice: don't install 2004 just yet if it is mission critical.

  4. Lauren Glenn

    It came down and I tried to install 20-04 on my Microsoft Surface Pro 6. It blew up after 80% or so saying "Page Fault In A Non Paged Area." Microsoft should reach out to the company that makes that tablet to get it to work with their new operating system version ;)

    I disconnected the dock and all devices except for the keyboard and the micro SD card. Guess I need to remove the micro SD card? Why is this a problem? It doesn't report this error when it rolls back... but I was sitting it with it here on my desk and saw it blow up showing that error. :/

  5. epguy40

    20H1 just came out today Wed. May 27 after 10am pacific local time

    and it's build 19041.264

    • navarac

      In reply to epguy40:

      19041 came out 10 Dec 19! Since then plenty of CUs. It's been in incubation for 17 months so it should be OK for the majority.

      • epguy40

        In reply to navarac:

        that would be build 19041.1 which did come out in early Dec. 2019.

        "OK for the majority"

        not so fast - 2004 has a bunch of "known issues" mentioned on this MS page:

        I'm not receiving the 2004 version when checking thru windows update - and maybe that's a good thing since MS has to work on fixing most of these known issues/problems before releasing a newer bug fixed version of 2004 with a higher CU

        to me it's NOT okay to install 2004 just yet. wait a few more months and then install 2004 later on

  6. derek s

    2004 Feature update coming down now ?

  7. madthinus

    New Nvidia drivers released today, offering support for Windows 10 May 2020 update:

    "Our new Game Ready Driver also provides support for Microsoft’s release of the Windows 10 May 2020 update, which is now starting to roll out to users."

    • epguy40

      In reply to madthinus:

      it has to be at least the 450.nn+ version. any nvidia driver version below 45x.xx is not wddm 2.7 ready for the may 2020 update.

      big fail for nvidia as the newly released 446.14 whql driver has wddm 2.6 support and not wddm 2.7

      • madthinus

        In reply to epguy40:

        Is it though? No one has 2.7 capable hardware other than nVidia. No games currently out needing it either. So I don't see the failure here. 446 has been a stable branch and I am ok for them to bake 450 a tad longer.

  8. jimchamplin

    If you want it now, there's Insider's Release Preview ring.

  9. derek s

    I'd heard May 26th to 28th but latest reports suggest it will be the 28th

  10. allberry2001

    Made some hardware changes in my gaming system ( home built ) and had to go back to 1909 last night. This morning I check for updates and 20-04 was available.