OneDrive Icons in File Explorer Question


I’m reading the article below on what the OneDrive icons mean in Windows Explorer.

Specifically, I’m trying to understand the difference between the ‘Green tick’ and ‘Solid green circle with the white check mark’ icons.

Based on the explanation in the article, they sound identical. They’re both online files that are also available locally. Is the difference between the two is that the ‘Green tick’ files are only downloaded on-demand and the ‘Solid green circle with the white check mark’ icons are pre-downloaded?

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I explain this in the Windows 10 Field Guide.

    There are four possible icons. The two you're asking about are:

    Always keep on this device. These are the items that you have explicitly chosen to sync. They are available offline. (Solid green)

    Available on this device. These are files that are syncing because you previously opened them. They are available offline. (Green outline)