Outlook.com Calendar: How to delete Family calendar & change Calendar to my name?


I can’t find any way to remove that Family calendar option from showing up. I have multiple calendars created and there’s not way to sort them alphabetically or manually, that needs to be a calendar update versus cute themes, that doesn’t improve usability. So having the unchecked Family calendar smack dab in the middle of my other calendars is annoy because it’s just in the way when I’m trying to select calendars to view. Does anyone know a way to get rid of it, other than deleted my family members I have created in my Microsoft account? I have them there so I can maintain control of our Office365 subscription, XBOX settings (I have young kids), and their laptops.

Also is there a way to rename the default “Calendar”? I’d like to rename to my name.


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  1. justdavid

    Sorry, I misread the original question. My comment was for the Outlook app.

  2. sherlockholmes

    The family calendar cant be removed. It simply can only be checked or uncheked that he will be displayed or not.

    Same with your Standard calendar. You cant rename it. When you need a calendar with your name, you will to have to add one.

    • j5

      In reply to SherlockHolmes:

      Thanks for replying. That's a bummer! Maybe they'll have these options down the road...maybe I can Tweet at them about this lol?

      • sherlockholmes

        In reply to j5:

        I am jumping between Google and Outlook everytime. The truth is Google has a big advantage over Outlook and Microsoft: Their consumer things simply work. Microsoft has this thing about always wants to know whats best for their customers. And in doing it limiting the user experience

  3. phil_adcock

    I use Google Calendars. Name or Rename as many times as you want. I use one under my name for my personal appointments, one title bills that I label the dates bills are due, I have one where I post my work schedule titled by my Employer's name, and then a Public Calendar that I actually have on my website where I post events going on that may interest others. I also subscribe to the TWIT Live schedule so I can toggle that off and on when I want to see whats going on programming wise.

    • j5

      In reply to Phil_Adcock:

      Yeah I was checking out Google Calendar's features and they have all these customization options that Outlook doesn't. Hm, I might jump over because it's just so annoying . I know that's silly but hey when you use something daily the tiny details matter.

      • phil_adcock

        In reply to j5:

        Trust me I understand. After color coding all my calendars and naming and renaming them as I see fit. It's been awesome. While I may from time to time use a didn't interface then the standard Google Calendar. My back end is always Google Calendar.