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The new ISO for insider build 17713.1002 is 4.9 Gb and you can’t write anything bigger than 4.4 Gb onto a single-layer DVD-R disc. They’ve done this maybe once or twice before and soon they issue a new ISO where they pare down the contents to a manageable size.

I think it could be put on a USB stick with the tool and I may need to do this anyway.

Your thoughts??

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  1. hrlngrv

    IOW, MSFT doesn't actually burn ISO images to DVD discs before releasing to the public.

    • snow.steve22

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      Ah, but I do. It's a lot more convenient. Still, I won't be able to wait this time.

      You'd think, though, they would at least try it out as a form of QA - Wait... they let go of all the QA people didn't they.

    • wright_is

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      Most PCs these days don't have DVD drives, they are also slow. Putting it on an USB stick and running it at USB 3.0 speeds is a lot faster and more efficient and you aren't restricted to 4.4GB... And for testing, a lot of people will use VMs, where, again, you don't need to "burn" a physical medium, just mount the ISO image.

      How many Surface devices have a DVD player? How many modern laptops have a DVD drive?

      The last laptop I bought with a DVD drive was 2010, although my Ryzen machine does have a DVD player, but I've never used it.

      At work, even for the older machines that do have a DVD drive, I just slap the Windows 10 USB stick into a USB 3 port and install from there.

  2. Josh

    Is the obvious answer not to just burn to a dual layer DVD?

  3. harmjr

    I wonder if you could do a Blu Ray burning of the ISO? Do they even sell Blu Ray burning Equipment? I swapped along time ago to USB.

  4. johnlavey

    I remember buying a laptop several years ago...and ordering a DVD drive as an accessory to the laptop. Those days are gone. There's just no good reason to have a DVD drive in 2018.

    • skane2600

      In reply to johnlavey:

      There are a few corner cases. My experience is that If you want to install Linux Mint on a USB thumb drive you need to do it via a "live" Linux Mint DVD. If you try to do it from a "live" USB, it won't allow you to do it whether the target is the same USB or a separate one. YMMV of course.

  5. Usman

    Should ideally be creating a bootable USB instead of a DVD. They're reusable and yes you'll need an 8GB minimum as 4GB are below 4GB anyway.

    IIRC the late 8.1 ISOs and some Windows 10 with Cumulative Update ISO also are bigger than 4.4GB.

  6. SWCetacean

    I think the people who made the ISO were assuming it would be used on a USB, probably because the devices they use don't have disc drives lol. And to be fair, I don't think I've burned an ISO to an actual disc in a decade.

  7. madthinus

    The best feature they added to Windows 8 was the ability to mount and ISO in Windows. That is how I use these.

  8. kherm

    My reaction to this is "who still uses DVDs"

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