Surface Pro 2017 not ready for 1903


Interesting, I have a Surface Pro 2017 and according to Microsoft, it’s not ready for 1903. I would have thought this would be an easy upgrade. Oh well, at least they are being cautious. (And I did remove the SD Card in device).

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  1. wright_is

    What reason did it give?

    I know a lot of Intel drivers, for example, need to be updated before 1903 can be installed.

    • simont

      In reply to wright_is:

      From the message text:

      The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is on its way. We're offering this update to compatible devices, but your device isn't quite ready for it. Once your device is ready, you'll see the update available on this page. There's nothing you need to do at this time.

      Everything is update as far as I can see. All updates, store applications installed by Windows update and store.

  2. MacLiam

    Before the late May release I put the 1903 Release Preview on both a Pro 5 (i.e., 2017) and a Book 2 without any hitches. They work fine. Out of an excess of caution I kept my primary machine (a first gen Studio) at arm's length from the Insider Program. Today I decided that 1903 was stable and non-threatening on everything else, so I went to trigger the update on my Studio and got the "You can't have it yet" message.

    I'm pretty sure that "your device isn't quite ready for it" is how you say in the Redmond dialect of Modern English, "Our company isn't in a position to offer an across-the-board guarantee that our product won't erase a bunch of your files the way our last release did, or maybe even do something worse." I guess I am glad that they are cautious, but please, Microsoft -- just tell the damn truth. Here's an example I offer as a model:

    Because of the increasing complexity of the Windows Operating System, we have chosen to engage in a staggered release schedule for the current version based on the make and model of upgradable devices. This will call to our attention incrementally and in a way we can more systematically address any evidence of small issues that did not show up in our long and detailed internal corporate and external Insider evaluation processes. A delayed OS is actually a safer OS. Thank you.

  3. Jackwagon

    Wouldn't it be the other way around; i.e., 1903 wasn't ready for the Surface Pro 2017?

  4. simont

    I have no idea what changed but now I am being offered 1903.

  5. jlmerrill

    Installed 1903 today, finally!

  6. dcdevito

    My Surface Pro 6 doesn't even see the 1903 update.

  7. jean

    I take this (along with 20H1 being the Insider Fast version) for a sign that H1 releases will have new features and H2 are supposed to provide a long term stable version of said feature set

  8. jwpear

    My Surface Book 2 says it is ready for 1903. I've been manually checking for a while. This got me to go check again and, sure enough, WU said it is ready.

  9. Winner

    Given their release cycles, they should start working on 2103 and perhaps it will become available in 2022.

  10. illuminated

    One of my computers says that update is not exactly available because of some issues. When I click on that issues link I get the full list of update problems with most of them being driver-related. I find it somewhat odd. Are drivers so flaky that OS calling them slightly differently can cause problems? On the other hand why should I be surprised. Simple volume control does not seem to work properly on many PCs. Just change position on youtube video and volume goes back up.

  11. will

    So it is the 1903 release, that was planned on months ago, that was released in May but for some devices it looks to be a July or Aug release? I for one am glad they are doing a minor update for 19H2, if that's the correct rumor?

    Personally they should just have called it 19H1 as it would have been a better timeframe for release.

  12. waethorn

    Microsoft isn't ready for it on their own hardware? What a joke.

  13. Paul Thurrott

    Same with Surface Book 2. Unreal.

  14. justme

    Wow, I have 1903 on a Surface Pro 3 and the install was (mostly) painless. Can I ask how you tried to install it? When I did it, I used the Upgrade Assistant. I am like you - given your hardware, I would have thought the upgrade would be easy.

    • simont

      In reply to JustMe:

      Tried to get the update from Windows Update Control Panel page. I haven't tried using the Media Creation Tool/Upgrade Assistant yet. Just surprising as it is Microsoft hardware, I am assuming that its a blocker somewhere - maybe anti-cheat technology.

      • justme

        In reply to simont:

        There's no telling what the issue is, though I suspect you are heading down the right path in trying to figure it out. It is unfortunate, really - this is MIcrosoft's own hardware we're talking about. For me, my SP3 is my grand Windows 10 "experiment" (I use W10 regularly for work, my main home environment is W8.1 with various Linux VMs thrown in from time to time). I have had almost non-stop problems updating W10 with the Windows Update Settings panel page. On a recommendation from someone here in the community, I gave the Upgrade Assistant a try and it seems to have worked for me.

    • wright_is

      In reply to JustMe:

      I used the media creation tool on my home machines and just created a WSUS group for the upgrades at work. Not had any problems with any of the machines I've upgraded so far.

  15. jlmerrill

    Interesting...I'm getting this on my Lenovo, only one year old.

  16. lvthunder

    How are you installing it? I used the Media Creation Tool and put it on a thumb drive and that brought up that message. When I just ran the update from the download it worked. This was on my Surface Studio and my Surface Book.

  17. Brad Sams

    Blind guess, may be the printer stuff I had an issue with:

  18. PeterC

    My Lenovo legion pc got it weeks back, my surface pro 2017 i7 version got it 2 days ago, so you’ll get it soon.

  19. BigM72

    When I got first interested in the Surface brand, I was really hoping for an Apple-like hardware/software integration in terms of software reliability, battery life etc. You know, great drivers written for the hardware, zero crapware, first to be compatible for feature updates etc. For all of Microsoft's self-congratulation, it's one area they really haven't delivered on.

    Aside from early adoption of Microsoft Precision trackpads, there's honestly been no benefits and looking at the long span of things (e.g. Surface Pro 4), in some cases the experience has been party with third parties like Lenovo or HP.