Surface Pro 5 (2017) with LTE/i5 atrocious battery life


So, I thought I got a great deal: SP5/2017 w/LTE in nearly mint condition, only about 125 battery cycles, for $600 w/premium Type Cover and Pen. Arrives, great working order, looks nearly new. Problem: burns through battery at rate of 40% – 60% per hour, this running only browser (any) and a couple of tabs, nothing else, for test purposes. Cpu running at 5-10% , mostly at or below 1Ghz. Screen at 50% (again, for testing). Same running 1809 or 1903. For some reason, had trouble getting 1909 to install. Powercfg battery report and all other battery test utilities show there’s nothing wrong with the battery, but of course confirm horrible life stats. When I search on this, it’s fairly common, but far from 100%. MS has known about it for months – at least since May – and is doing/pledging absolutely nothing – shocker!

Help, please! Thanks.

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  1. illuminated

    2017, mint condition for $600 with LTE and only 125 battery cycles? That looks a bit fishy. Maybe it was defective from the start or something happened to it. Water damage maybe? I also guess it is out of warranty so kind of tough.

    Also with 40-60% discharge per hour that surface should be red hot.

  2. PeterC

    Do you use a surface dock? My surface pro 5 i7 version resolved all its “issues” the day I stopped using the brick style dock, including battery and update failure issues.