What Cross-Platform Microsoft Solutions Are Missing?


With the new Microsoft ambitious to “be where [their] customers are,” it’s been really comforting to see that I can jump from iOS to Mac to Android to PC and have a pretty positive experience on all three.

I realized the other week when I messed up my PC (overwrote the MBR… oops) and I used Linux Mint for work while I waited for an opportunity to fix things… the Linux experience is about the only place MS was lacking. I was able to do what I needed via the web client, but even though it was temporary I felt the lack of a OneDrive sync client keenly, and the web apps are no replacement for the real apps when you need to get down in the weeds.

What do you think they’re missing? Is this all a moot point because they should be converting pretty much everything to a PWA from here on out?

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