Windows 11 hardware requirements


This article does a decent job breaking down Windows 11 hardware requirements but there still seems some confusion with respect to upgrading older machines

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  1. shark47

    Thanks for sharing. Trust Microsoft to mess up a good situation.

  2. innitrichie

    It feels like Microsoft isn't just communicating this horribly, but that they are making it up as they go along hence the frantic edits to their own documentation pages that discuss Windows 11 support.

    Let them figure it out and then revisit the subject in a couple of months. You might think it would have been better if Microsoft had got all the pieces joined together before making their announcements.... but that isn't the Microsoft way.

  3. jmwoods301

    I'm sure I'll be purchasing new systems by I'll be ready when Windows 10 reaches EOL.

    No compelling reason to upgrade now for an OS that is still in support for 4 more years.

    • harmjr

      I may be just like you but I have two perfectly good SP4s that should be able to run this version now.

      This will be the first time I will be forced to buy new hardware instead of wanting new hardware.

      • lwetzel

        I agree on all your points. I am running the insider on a lesser machine and seeing no problems.

      • lvthunder

        Who is forcing you? You can continue to use Windows 10 for another 4 years.