Android Launcher Review from a Windows Phone Live Tile Refugee


So I have to finally give up on my trusted Lumia 650. And that means I have been comparing Launcher 10 against Square Home 3, as I am really keen on which Launcher recovers the best Live Tile Experience. I paid for both full version (Live Tiles on Launcher 10) as both developers deserve some credit, where Microsoft have lest us down. I have both launchers running two different Android Phones for side by side comparison.

  • Launcher 10 Marginally seems more professional looking than Square Home
  • Launcher 10 has a brief email content in Outlook Live Tile, whereas on Square Home it just an Alarm notification (no content)
  • Square Home displays upcoming event in the Calendar Live Tile, I have not seen upcoming Event listed in the Launcher 10 Live Tile. This is a rather serious omission if really the case for Launcher 10!   
  • I have not been able to get any Weather (With Microsoft MSN Weather) Live Tile on Launcher 10 working. It works on Square Home, so its not obvious what I am doing wrong (other post suggest this should work on L10?). I can get Microsoft Weather Live Tiles to work pretty easily on Square Home.
  • The  Square Home Photo Live Tile is rather more fun that Launcher 10, and easier to configure work properly
  • I note that the Launcher 10 has Live Tile on Play Store. Not Sure why needed or offered.
  • The (Google) Contacts on Launcher 10 Live are nicely animated (Windows Mobile) style. Square Home it does not to have any animated Contacts Live Tile. This is probably considered a rather superfluous animation by the Sqaure Home developers.
  • The Launcher 10 Google Music Player Live Tile shows album cover whilst playing – Almost as good as the much missed Zune Live Tile much from WP7.    

  • Neither Launcher 10 or Square Home have any integrated News Live Tile. Both leave us with a choice amongst rather weak and really ugly Android News Widgets.

So its still a bit mixed as to which I will eventually choose. I have Square Home on my Main Phone but I would probably adopt Launcher 10, if I could get Calendar and Weather Live Tiles to work properly.

I would be interested to know other experiences on their use of Android Live Tile Launchers

Oh by the way, Thanks Microsoft a Bunch for not supporting us WP refugees.

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