British banks continue to abandon Windows 10 Mobile


Earlier this month I changed banks to TSB in the UK. For a number of years it had a reasonable Windows 10 Mobile app which, although it was a wrapper for the website, actually worked pretty well when I tested it a few months ago.

The day I changed I discovered that TSB had dropped Windows 10 Mobile that very week and only Android/IOS was left.

Now Barclays, one of Britain’s largest banks, is dropping Windows 10 Mobile support. 

Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland go UWP on Windows as TSB and Lloyds drop support

Pretty much the only banks left are RBS / NatWest. To be fair they seem to be actively supporting Windows 10 Mobile. 

This was a marketin the UK that had 10% sales until the Nadella “memo of Windowsphone death”. Now it’s heading for the fractions of 1% like the US market. Completely unsustainable.


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    We can't really be surprised by this, of course. This will only continue.

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    It's only natural for companies/developers to turn away from WMobile. MS themselves have it on life support as well as pretty much abandoning WP8.1 users. MS show little confidence in WMobile so why would anyone else!

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    And those banks website will still work on Windows phone.

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      In reply to lordbaal1:

      To use Barclays website, you need to either use a PIN Sentry two factor auth device (you stick your card in the reader, enter your PIN on the keypad and a code pops up on an LCD which you type in) or use the mobile app as a Virtual PIN Sentry (there's some faff when you set the app up on the phone, where you either need to use a real PIN Sentry to login or you have to go to a Barclays ATM to get the code to log in to the app).

      So no, the website doesn't really work on the phone (unless you carry a PIN sentry pad with you at all times).

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        In reply to maethorechannen:

        I'm not from the UK, so i don't know how it works over there. 

        But here in the US, all you need is your username and password. 

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          In reply to lordbaal1:

          There have been lots of issues in UK where vulnerable people have been tricked into giving out their usernames and passwords. Most banks (in UK) now provide a second form of authentication - either an RSA like token or a card reader that generates a one-time only code. You typically only need these if you want to move money about though.

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      In reply to lordbaal1: People use apps specifically because browsing the web on a phone is such a terrible experience. 


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    I can only imagine Paul reading topics like these with a huge grin on his face.

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    A similar situation here in Sweden. A general problem for Windows 10 Mobile in most places I suppose.

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    I hadn't heard that Barclays was leaving. where was this announced? if they are that might push me over the edge to Android/IOS.

    I did read on the Register that Lloyds had left but that turned out to be a bit of an overreaction to their website being down for an hour (the app is just a wrapper).

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    Save yourself the heartache and switch to iOS/Android. It's up to Microsoft to reboot Windows Mobile, not fanboys.

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