Cannot create or edit contacts in Outlook for Android


After my was upgraded last week, I was not able to sync my contacts or calendar to my Android phone. So, loaded Outlook for Android.

I have a few problems with the app, but one of the main ones is that I cannot create or edit my contacts! I also cannot add back pictures to my contacts.  How can I do this?

I have a personal Office365 subscription. I have it mainly for the 1tb OneDrive storage and the up-to-date Office software.  I use to store my contacts and calendar.

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  1. 1080

    Have the same problem and I believe Paul tweeted something about a while ago as well.

    I am looking for a third party option for contact storage and management but still haven't found a good solution.

  2. 1820

    The outlook app has one way sync, so you'll get your contacts from but you can't edit them. What I did (just yesterday) was to go to Settings-->Accounts & Sync. Chose add a new account. There was an account type of "" (which is different from the "Outlook" type). I added my account. Then, in the Android People app, for the "Phonebook" dropdown, I chose the account and my contacts show up there and I can edit them. I edited a contact, went to on my desktop and the change showed up.

    This was on a T-Mobile HTC 10.

  3. 1143

    I have uninstalled Outlook for Android and added back as an Exchange account to to the first gen. Mot-X email app. contacts and calendar is now syncing!! Maybe I just had to wait a few days after my was upgraded.

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