Dell Mobile Connect for iPhone – why couldn’t Microsoft do this itself


So I saw a ZDNet article on the “Dell Mobile Connect” app yesterday by David Gerwitz (FYI it is a sponsored article). My question is why the Microsoft iPhone integration can’t have the features that Dell was able to put together (with a 3rd party named Screenovate Technologies‬ I guess from the Windows Store listing). The app says it requires a Dell computer (which I have from work) so I may try it out and see for myself but I don’t understand why Microsoft couldn’t do this. Apple is apparently OK since you need the companion app from the Apple store to make it work. You’d think Microsoft and Apple could work through any licensing / etc. needed if Dell could. I can understand why Apple might want to limit app access to phone/text messages, etc. for security purposes but since their OS does this, I’d think other OS vendors should be able to provide the same integration with a licensing deal of some sort.

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  1. jt5

    I agree- this would really be useful to me.

  2. lvthunder

    I wonder how good it is. It only has 1 five star rating in the Apple App Store. Maybe it's brand new.

    As to why they didn't do this. It could be a lot of things. There could be a technical issue that Microsoft doesn't want to work around. Like having to install a helper app. I'm not sure if you have to do that with MyPhone or not. They may also have just not given the team enough developers to work on it. No matter how big you are there is always a shortage of good developers.