Did regular consumers just not know about Windows Phone?


Okay, so. I know this has been analyzed quite a bit already, but. Since I’m kind of a newcomer to the world of smart phones, I would need input from people in the know (you guys).

Title pretty much says it all. I’ll never forget the time when I mentioned to my brother-in-law, who is an electrical engineer and no stranger to tech, actually was surprised when I told him about the existence of Windows Phone. He didn’t know there was such a thing.

So what was the deal? My understanding is that for the most part, when you walked into a typical cell-phone store, what you saw on display was all the shiny iPhones and a giant Android section. Windows Phone just wasn’t pushed.

Was part of the problem just consumer recognition? I mean, I’m not saying Windows Phone deserved to be in 1st or 2nd place, but geeze. Seems like it always had really low numbers in the United States.

On the other hand, Microsoft was late responding to the iPhone, correct? And Android was free. Two giant hurdles.

Maybe this was the only way this could have turned out?

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