Even Minecraft is dropping its W10 mobile App


So much for ‘One Windows’ , Microsoft owned Mojang is now suggesting it will no longer support the W10 mobile version of Minecraft. If reports from SlashGear are to be believed.

Microsoft should just about declare the Windows 10 Mobile platform as dead, if it cannot persuade its own developers to be interested.

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    I kind of thought they did that when they said they weren't going to make new hardware.... it's not like that got a lot of OEMs excited.  No one said "Finally, Microsoft is exiting the phone hardware game.  Let's get their WM10 on our phones as we won't be competing with them."

    This when, if I recall correctly, WM10 would have been free on a standard sized handset.

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    with Microsoft shifting the focus on business users: it's like complaining you can no longer attach your farming equipment to your Lamborghini

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    Maybe they are going to make it UWP.

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    This is not the Windows 10 Mobile edition of Minecraft, it is the Windows Phone 8 edition of Minecraft.  That's a pretty important distinction. Not much point in continuing development of the Windows Phone 8, non UWP edition.  Yes this is currently the only edition that runs on Win10 Mobile (because forward compatibility), but it is not the way forward - which is getting the current, supported, Win 10 UWP edition running on mobile.  

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    At this point even I am dropping my Windows Mobile app.


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    Lots of apps are dropping support from Windows 10 Mobile due to its smaller user base, its just not worth their while.

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    I think if MS formally acknowledged that W10 Mobile was no more, it would kill the 3rd party WM market and UWP development stone dead overnight. Not that there's much 3rd party W10 Mobile hardware, and UWP is a struggling platform looking for users, but it would not be in Microsoft's interest. Keep quiet, keep it on life support, and keep pushing out the updates. I'm sure MS are burning money on WM now, but they have no choice really.

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