Evernote pulls its App


With everyone now pulling their Apps from the Store, when will Microsoft finally admit Windows Mobile and UWP is dead as the DoDo

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  1. scj123

    Umm Evernote is still showing in the Windows Store

  2. rameshthanikodi

    The Evernote app for desktops is the Win32 app, and since mobile is dead, they pulled their old mobile app which I believe was written in Silverlight, not UWP. So I don't think this is a case of UWP dying, but rather, just some deadwood taking itself out. That said....yes, mobile is dead. UWP isn't dead, but that's the lowest bar it can clear. UWP isn't a success yet. I guess you can at least say the Store isn't dead.

  3. scj123

    I feel the need to clarify this post, back in June last year Evernote replaced the UWP app for Windows 10 with a Win32 app converted using the desktop bridge, this is still in the store. Whats been pulled is the UWP app that was only available for WIndows phone.

    In short there is still an app in the store with no plans to remove it, but its not a UWP app

    • skane2600

      In reply to scj123:

      So they didn't allow the app to be used on the Windows 10 desktop even though it was UWP? I'm the first to say that UWP apps aren't always going to be portable but wouldn't expect such a simple app to be one of them.

  4. TechnologyTemperance

    Yep. UWP is dead. The windows store really should move to Centennial as its primary focus. A safe, reliable place to get Windows applications and utilities. Even as bad as it it, its 1000 times better than download.com

  5. Darekmeridian

    While I am not sure one way or another about the health of UWP, I don't think Evernote is a great barometer of the situation. Evernote is having their own problems, if you look into their forums it's a little bit chaotic over there. Changing the pricing structure, syncing issues and they seem to be trying to slim down the company. They already have an established iOS codebase that just got a re-design, a web code-base and a windows desktop codebase also semi-recently redesigned. Having them try to continue to do a UWP version would be kind of nuts. Seems just smarter to cent-wrap the desktop version and call it a day.

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