Going back to windows mobile


So in Jan i moved from Lumia 950 to Motorola Z2. When I first set it up, I put on a few apps and understood this was the world I was missing – the app gap. Z2 has it’s mods which are great and the phone itself is very slim. It’s now on Android 8, for whatever that’s worth.

Since then I have spent a long time trying to tune the android experience down to something that does not frustrate me. Namely built-in ads, pop-ups, notification crazies, permissions overload, tons of apps I can’t get rid of but rather disable. Additionally because the Z2 has USB C I assumed I could use that to stream movies to a screen, but alas Motorola have not put that feature in. The most frustrating thing is the lock screen and finger print reader. I used to run a phone without any kind of lock screen security, but android will not allow you to setup the play store with setting up security which is a good thing I suppose. I set up the finger prints and use multiple finger scans for my main finger, but it only seems to last a week or two, and gets so unreliable I always fall back to the pattern. Apparently this is quite common for people with generally dry skin.

But it just infuriates me all the time, I don’t have the time to track and trace everything. The amount of times it has made a notification sound and disturbed my work only to find that goggle has pushed a notification for e.g the weather or some play store advert, means I have to stop work or dinner and go in and check app settings and remove permissions for notifications. Some really basic functionally is missing, like perhaps a little label over the icon to say number of unread messages. And I just don’t use the apps.

I picked the Lumia 950 out of the draw and it still runs flawlessly. It’s begging me to move back. Oh yeah and windows hello is suddenly looking quite useful.

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