Going back to Windows Phone


I bought a Blu advance 5.0 HD last week.

I wanted to just try out Android. The thing I like about it, are some of the widgets. Like the weather, google keep. Being that keep is on the home screen, I would see my todo list or notes everytime I use the phone.

What I don’t like. Apps are not uniform. Some are circle, some are squared.

I thought I would like horizontal scroll. I much prefer vertical scroll.

The few apps I downloaded, no big deal. Apps that I use are all available for Microsoft. So apps to me aren’t a big deal. But I installed my bank app(capital one). The other thing that offers that their web app(which is perfectly fine on Windows Phone), is deposit by check.

One major thing I hate, notifications doesn’t work. I tried everything. 

The setting menu is a mess. There’s like 5 different menus to get to permissions. Apps have their own notification settings, there’s also another notification menu. You set up permissions inside whatever app. You also have them inside the settings menu. And there aren’t all in one place.

I try to turn on one notification for outlook. I have to go to app notification, it gives me 4 options(block all, treat as priority, allow peeking,hide sensitive content), so I have it set to allowing peeking. I think that’s it, it will then show notifications. But no. I have to hit on the !. For more options. If I go to notification, it gives me the same as before.

Who to say that I won’t get voicemail or missed texts notifications if I put a sim in it.

In Windows Phone, I just go to notifications and action. Just 1 menu to turn on or off notifications. And it’s only one tap to get to the permissions menu.

I use a 4 digital pin on Windows Phone. So after I put in the pin, it logs me right in. 

On Android, after I put in the pin, I have to hit the check mark to finish it(like an enter key).

Also Android apps hamburger menu, is the same thing as if you swipe from the edge of the left screen(a la Windows RT).


This is getting returned.

For me, Window Phones just works. Android seems complicated to set up. Settings and permissions are all over the place.

I like On Window Phone, the all app are alphabetical.

I tried arrow launcher, it was slow on this phone.

I also tried next lock screen. It did not want to work without me opening the app before I locked the phone. Otherwise, it won’t ask for a pin. Took me like 30 mins. to find out why I was putting in the pin it next lock screen, the also the regular lock screen.

Android is just too much tweaking that’s required to make it behave the way I want it too.

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