I am angry at Paul for discouraging Microsoft from trying something different with phones


As we know, the sole purpose of the internet is complaining, so I’ve come to Pauls own forum to complain about something he did: in Thinking About Microsoft’s Mobile Fantasy, he discourages Microsoft from trying with phones again, and that’s just terrible of him. Apple isn’t going to meaningfully innovate the iPhone, and Android is very similar to iOS. There’s no real competition anymore in phones and no new ideas or different approaches, and that’s really bad for everybody. If Microsoft is going to try something new and different again, everyone should be encouraging them, not discouraging them. Obviously if this new mobile OS makes it to market it’s not going to get 30% market share, but if it’s better than the iPhone and Android, it could find some success and influence the industry. Windows Phone proved that Microsoft knows what they are doing (Windows Phone didn’t deserve to fail) and it would be a real shame for everyone if Microsoft didn’t give it one more try

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