Joe Belfiore finally stops the vague waffle


Most Windowsphone users have been realistic. They know that Microsoft has lost interest but whenever they put to Microsoft representatives the question of what they are doing about WIndowsphone they have got vague answers of little substance.

Microsoft say they will “support” Windowsphone when they out it into maintenance mode. They talk about mobile “experiences” across devices. They are never seen with a Windowsphone device.

Lack of clarity was frustrating for people.

However this weekend Joe Belfiore, recently quoted as using a Samsung S8 “Microsoft Edition”, came out and said it in a tweet;

“Of course we’ll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren’t the focus.”

As an individual end-user, I switched platforms for the app/hw diversity. We will support those users too! Choose what’s best 4 u.”

We have tried VERY HARD to incent app devs. Paid money.. wrote apps 4 them.. but volume of users is too low for most companies to invest. “

Back in 2016 Terry Myerson said phone was not the focus. This was taken to mean in 2016 but it meant that was it.

Personally I think this is first straightforward answer we have seen.

However without mobile there seems little point in UWP and Cortana because these technologies are only relevant on a personal device like phone. UWP has limited use as a driver to the store but overall it is really PC only for most things. Cortana on PC is fine but where you really want it is on mobile. Mostly Android phones will use Google Assistant.

The investment in mobile, in my view, was never just about mobile but rather it was the place other technologies are going to live for a while. Mobile is the personal computer. AI and mixed reality are on mobile first.

So well done Joe. You have finally said what Microsoft should have said a year ago and are closing the door on consumer computing with the exception of the Xbox.

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